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Audio Visual

We design and manufacture cables and AV solutions, based on project requirements; we work in partnership with customers to develop and produce bespoke products, on a variety of projects. We operate across multiple industries, although have a dedicated division for Single Board Computers.


Cable solutions

End products are either finished cables or are integrated within customers’ products. Solutions cover a wide spectrum of cable types, including HDMI, USB, Flex, Power, and internal computer cables. We offer advanced tooling and manufacturing processes to achieve our customers’ specific technical specifications, such as EMC.

We offer a complete design and manufacturing service, including needs assessments, product drawings and design, tooling, sample manufacturing, testing, and large scale manufacturing.

We also offer an extensive core range of AV products for large customers.


Case studies

  • Official Raspberry Pi HDMI cables, triple shielded
  • Bespoke flex cables for camera solutions
  • Active HDMI Cables with chipsets to extend signal to 40m
  • USB Switch cables with in line on/off switch
  • Made for iPhone (MFI) approved Apple Lightning Cables


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